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Parking Availability 

Our Parking Lot is very small and does fill up fast with having only a maximum of 9 spots in our lot. However we do have additional parking with the buildings around us!


The Bearcom building is located to the right of our restaurant, where parking is strictly prohibited! Failure to acknowledge may result in ticketing or towing of vehicle at Bearcoms leisure!

Blue Sky Sign Co. 

The Blue Sky Sign Co. is located to the right of our building where parking is allowed in the appropriate areas designated for lined parking.

351 Harvey Ave

351 Harvey Ave is located behind our restaurant and can be accessed from Harvey Ave, where at least 100 parking spots are available. Please park in the designated lined parking areas, then El Diablo is just a brief walk. 

Prohibited Parking

Parking is prohibited to the left of our restaurant at Gino's, in addition to the Bearcom Building. Failure to acknowledge these areas may result in a Ticket by the City of Greensburg or Vehicle being Towed by the Owner of each building!

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